Jack & Jill competitions await you at the WSDC Trial Edition Spring Time Swing

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Jack & Jill contests offer individuals the opportunity to participate without a predetermined partner, showcasing their spontaneous dancing skills with various partners. There is an inherent element of chance involved as leaders and followers are paired randomly. Throughout the preliminary and semi-final rounds, there will be multiple partner changes.
Competitors will be individually evaluated on timing, technique, and teamwork during the preliminary heats. Those achieving the highest scores will progress to the next round. In the final round, individuals will be randomly paired and assessed as a couple.
The selection of music will be at the discretion of the DJ, featuring varying tempos and styles, all appropriate for the respective dance divisions

  • Newcomer | Beginner with less than 1,5 yrs of WCS experience or first-time competitor; have earned no points
  • Novice |  Have earned less than 16 Novice points
  • Intermediate | Have earned 16 or more Novice points
  • Advanced | Have earned 30 or more Intermediate points
  • All Star | Have earned 60 or more Advanced

  • Sophisticated | age-based division – you have to be min. 35years old at the of the competition to qualify
  • Master | age-based division – you have to be min. 50years old at the of the competition to qualify
  • Switch Jack&Jill | in this competition you switch between Lead & Follow. You should have experience in both roles and also be able to dance basic switches

Entry Fee for Jack&Jills: 15€/person

please read our detailed Event Rules and contact us if you have any questions.


please read our detailed Code of Conduct and contact us if you have any questions.